Luna Moth Mod

just a cute pic on the beach :D

two pictures i did these last few days
one is a commission i did of a lion character
the second is a redraw of an old character of mine x3 er name’s Fire Omen

What is Net Neutrality?


^^ fun lil sci fi picture of my character jazz and foxy’s Digit ^^

warrior king o3o
something i drew based off a friends idea :33

and here ya go x3
Philliam’s bee girl, Zippie :33
i really liked how her tits…i mean, she looked :b

Commission i did of rainbow dash and stuff :b

i drew aku :D 
cuz samurai jack is my favorite cartoon of all time…along with pretty much all of cartoon networks old stuff :b


Ladies and gentlemen, pony and/or furry enthusiasts of appropriate age, may we present to you an art collection worth frothing over. Appropriately named Diamonds in the Rough Archives, this collection of 20 sexy quality pictures are from a stealthy group of 4 artists that slide under the radar of popularity, making their own mark in their own way. Contributors include:

HandManToot, an artist that appreciates the art of big women and the mod for the demon pony, Dizzy Mixup

Kmaj27, a DA artist who also appreciates the big girls, owner of the stallion Otto and the amazonian vampire snake girl Cassandra

LunaMoth, the Portuguese Panda artist who brings about the right sexy flair everytime he draws

AeroTransor, the “motherly otter” who strives to bring happiness and holds control to the Motherly Queen NightFlower

Keep your eyes open, follow each of these tumblrs, because in the coming months, more news on the archive will be released

Prepare thy body :P

i did this for a very special friend x3
he’s been very helpful in my improvement and overall mood lately :33
this is sorta of a thank you picture for it x3
although, i dont think its enough :33

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